Creator 10283 – NASA Space Shuttle Discovery – An Odyssey through Bricks and Space

Hi folks! Apologies for the recent lack of posts as we are busy preparing for our Enblock 2021 event which is happening very soon! That aside, here’s our quick review of the recently released Creator 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery:

Space, what secrets dost thou hold? Since the beginning of time, the innate curiosity of humans has always pushed us to great discoveries. First came fire, then the invention of the wheel, LEGO and fast forward to walking on the moon. Hence, the fruits of our achievements brings us to where we are today: LEGO + Space + NASA = Creator 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (very aptly named I should say)!

[The Build]
Overall a very sturdy build. Once you get over the slow paced start of laying the foundation, you will realise the shuttle slowly taking shape as you progress through the numbered packs. The curves and angles all hit the right spots and LEGO did a very good job in eliminating any blocky or clunkiness in the build.

The landing gears are well balanced and hold the shuttle up really well but my preference for display is still having the shuttle on the display stand with the Hubble telescope instead of parking it in an aerodrome with its wheels down.

Stickers are the usual fare, with patience and with the help of the brick separator, this task is simple to overcome

Most of the bling-bling (gold and silver) LEGO parts in this set are used to construct the Hubble Space Telescope. An interesting fact is that the telescope looks like a to scale lightsaber hilt when the panels are folded in.

[Suggested Improvements]

  • Astronauts Microfigures or Minifigures included will the icing on the cake.
  • A sturdier material for the gold foil solar arrays so they can stay in shape and not warp easily.

Overall a extremely enjoyable build. This set is easily one of the best recommendations to any LEGO + space fans out there. The size and the shape of the shuttle is on point, there are working retracting wheels, the Hubble Space Telescope is a marvel to look at and it fits snugly in the cargo bay and the satisfaction is immense when the build is finally finished. Don’t be surprised you’ll find yourself swooshing the shuttle around like a big kid (yes, I admit i did it too…) when this adventure is coming to a close. This is me signing off, “Houston, we have lift off!”.

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