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ENBLOCK 2021 – COVID-19 Phase 3 Edition

We’re back! Neither rain nor pandemic can dampen our spirits when it comes to ENBLOCK! As restrictions are still in place, this year’s format will remain the same as the previous year (exhibition style) to ensure maximum safety for everyone. The event will run from 3rd May to 15th June and all the exhibits are located on both level 1 and B2. So clear your schedules, make plans and be prepared to get your creative juices tickled when you visit us at the Funan Mall!

This year, we have a whopping grand total of 70+ builders (20+ in-house and 40+ public builders) taking part in the festivities. Coupled together with over 100 square meters of exhibits, ENBLOCK 2021 is an event not to be missed.

Here’s a special highlight on a group of very exciting builders, the talented and creative minds of tomorrow! All of them are below the age of 20 and all of them can build/design better than you or me (me rather ?). Do look out for these exhibits by our young builders at the event:

  • Nate’s Rebel Fleet and custom figs
  • Aaron’s Tactical SUVs and custom figs
  • Christian’s Nintendo Switch
  • Ian’s Modern Residences (legomodrnist)
  • Evan’s Pooh Treehouse
  • Gerald, Xi Ling, Han Liang & Jianwei’s Govan’s Sin of Greed
  • Yao Xiang – Junkyard Mecha Godzilla

Other highlights to look out for are:

  • Godzilla vs. Kong by Chubbybots (Kelvin Low)
  • Luke’s X34 Landspeeder & the Mando Speeder Bike with Cobb’s Speeder by dmarkng (Daryl Mark Ng)
  • Star Wars Diorama by thebrickasarus (Simon Tyers)
  • 1001 Arabian Nights Stories Diorama by brickusergrpsg – Castle Group (that’s us!)
  • Elleana International Airport & Anaelle Grand Train Station Dioramas by brickusergrpsg – City Group (that’s also us!)
  • NDP Mobile Column & Littoral Mission Vessel by aminifigurelife (Justin Chua)
  • Journey To The West Brickheadz by hongxi88 (Hong Xi Zheng)
  • Jurassic Park Scenes by xenlc (Xennethy Lego Creations)
  • Naruto Maddess by evan.chang.589 (Evan Chang) & teddykaibrickfactory (teddykai)

Apologies are in order to those whom I’ve missed out in the mentions because there’s just too many impressive and notable builds!

Remember, anyone can be a builder. If you have a light bulb event or get super inspired after visiting the exhibition, do consider being a participant for next year’s event. Just hit us up at our facebook pages (ENBLOCK & BUGS) and we will get you started. It takes time to plan, design and build so don’t delay. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day and so is the 10276 Colosseum!”.

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